Bike To Work Scheme

 Mike’s Bikes is proud to offer the Bike to Work Scheme. Call our Dún Laoghaire Bicycle shop for additional information

Bike To Work Scheme

The Bike to work scheme is an initiative by the Irish government designed to encourage more people to cycle to work.

To make sure individuals have access to appropriate bike and bicycle safety equipment this scheme means an employer pays for the beneficiary of the scheme’s bicycle.

The cost of the bike is then taken in instalments from the employee's pay. Best of all these repayments are not subject toTax, PRSI, or USC.

Through this scheme, an employer can help an individual get a standard bike worth up to €1250 or an electric bike worth up to €1500.

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Select Your Bike

Select Your Bike

Please browse our range of Bicycle and Bicycle accessories.

All types of bicycle equipment including lights, helmets, and reflective clothing, are included within the government scheme. Therefore we highly recommend picking some equipment to complement your new bicycle.

Select Your Bike

 Inform your Employer

Once you have finalised which bike and bike accessories you would like to purchase you’ll need to inform your employer. Once you have signed the required written declaration your employer will then pay us.

Collect Your Bike

Collect Your Bike

Once the payment is complete you can come in-store and collect your brand new bike along with the bicycle accessories you purchased as part of the scheme.

For more information on the bike to work scheme, contact us today.

Cycle To Work Scheme FAQ

  • What Bicycle equipment does the bike to work scheme cover?

    The equipment covered includes:

    • New Bicycles
    • New Tricycles
    • New Electric Bikes
    • Bicycle Helmets
    • Bells
    • Horns
    • Lights
    • Mudguards
    • Mirrors
    • Skirt Guards
    • Panniers
    • Luggage Carries, Straps
    • Cycle clips
    • Pumps
    • Locks and lock Chains
    • Reflective clothing
    • Puncture Repair Kit
    • Cycle tool kits
    • Bike reflectors
    • Reflective clothing
  • Are employers obligated to offer the bike to work scheme?

    No, employers are not obligated to provide the cycle to work scheme. Please speak to your HR department or HR representative to make sure your employer offers the scheme.

  • If I don’t spend my entire amount can Mike’s Bike give me in-store credit?

    Unfortunately not. This is against the revenue’s rules. We recommend always spending the full amount you apply for by making up the difference with essential bicycle safety equipment.