Electric Bikes a Buyer’s Guide

Electric Bikes a Buyer’s Guide

While electric bikes certainly aren’t new – they’ve been around in one form or another for decades. – it would certainly seem as though in 2022 e-bike’s are having their moment. With the proliferation of electric ride-ables flooding the market. Everything from skateboards to scooters are now fitted with electric motors, the e-bike has the advantage of pre-existing bicycle infrastructure. Most major roads now have bicycle lanes. While electric scooters may not be comfortable moving into these lanes, e-bikes are quite literally made for the bicycle lane. Other electric ride-ables may very well prove to be a short-lived tech fab, but e-bikes will stick around and could be the future of transportation.
This isn’t an exaggeration, when we look at a bike heavy nation like the Netherlands, e-bikes have been outselling standard bikes year on year since 2018. While here in Ireland we are a little behind our Dutch friends, e-bikes are becoming ever more prominent on Dublin’s streets.
The Bicycle to Work scheme, which gives tax incentives to purchase a standard bike or an electric bike has certainly encouraged this move to cycling. If you’re thinking about ditching the car, tram or train in favour of cycling to work, we highly recommend considering an e-bike. Our buyer's guide breaks down everything you need to know before purchasing an electric bike



Most electric bikes are within the €2000 range. City shaped e-bikes with the battery pack behind the saddle are usually a little cheaper than mountain e-bikes that have the battery pack integrated with the bike’s frame.


Commuter E-Bike

If you’re going to use your bike to commute through a city or town and want to keep the budget as modest as possible we suggest the Italwin Lite city bike. If you’ll likely be taking your bike on and off trains or buses a foldable electric bike may be more convenient. In this instance, we recommend the Dawes Curve E-Bike.


Trail Bike

Perhaps you intend to use your e-bike on trails. If that’s the case you will need a more robust frame and a battery that holds a charge for longer. We would suggest either the Italwin Trail Rear or if you have a little more money to spend consider the Italwin Trail Ultra. Both these bikes offer a powerful long-lasting motor.

Still not sure what bike is right for you? Check out our Range of Dublin electric bikes online or visit our Dún Laoghaire bike store to discuss your options with our Electric bike experts.


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